RBC are recruiting for Shared Lives Carers

Becoming a Shared Lives Carer is rewarding and can make a real difference for the people we support

RBC are recruiting carers who can offer support and companionship to help a vulnerable adult reach their potential and lead a fulfilling life. Download the advert here.

About the Shared Lives Scheme

At the core of the Shared Lives Scheme is the opportunity for people to build a relationship with the Shared Lives Carers that support them.  This means it can take time to match a new carer with a Service User as there are many things to consider, such as location, times of the day and level of support needed. It is also really important to make sure we consider things such as interests and personalities to make a match work.

To help achieve this and ensure the best possible support for our services users we carefully assess potential carers to make sure that Shared Lives is right for them.  It also ensures that the new carer is confident in the support they provide, and helps us make the best matches between service users and carers.

Becoming a Shared Lives Carer can mean a change to your lifestyle as you welcome someone new into your home and this needs careful consideration to make sure it is right for you and your household.

As with matching a service user, it can take time to assess a new carer to make sure we get it right.  To complete an assessment of a potential Carer we need to ask lots of questions and carry out several checks to make sure that the new Carer is suitable, committed and right for the scheme.

However, we can understand that this can be a daunting task for new carers, so to help make the process as easy as possible we will allocate a Shared Lives Officer to support you and anyone else in your household throughout the application process.

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