Help with getting online

These days life can be difficult for those that are not online. Getting online has many benefits – here are a few:

  • You can find out information quickly and easily. This is particularly important now since libraries are closed and telephone helplines are very busy – for example, you can often get valuable health information without contacting your GP practice.
  • You have more ways to keep in touch with friends and family – for example, if you have an internet connection you can make free video calls and easily send messages,
  • A lot of shops such as clothes and DIY retailers are continuing to trade, but are only online during the current crisis, so you need to be online to purchase from them. Even when the shops open again, online shopping can often be cheaper than high street stores so you can save money.

Here are a few useful pages to help you get started:

Getting started on the internet – how to get a computer and broadband connection in your home or get started with a smartphone

Email and internet searching – the basics of sending messages and finding things online

Keeping in touch online – you can see your friends and family even when they can’t visit you

How to shop online – getting goods delivered to your door, and how to save money

Managing your finances online – how to check your bank account, pay your bills and more without leaving your home

Staying safe online – if you are careful you can avoid the scams, hacks and viruses.

If you were wondering about going online, there’s no time like the present to get started. For those looking for a simple online course, we suggest Learn My Way as a starting point.

And why not come and see us at one of our free drop-in sessions? One-to-one support is available from our volunteer team – details at

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