In real life events and services

Rhiannon Stocking-Williams
Author's position
Ready Friends Coordinator
Primary interest
Voluntary sector
If your group is now opening face-to-face services or putting on events, we can share this with people wanting to get out, meet others, access services or simply to have fun with other people in real life.


Our social prescribers and other RVA staff speak to individuals every day, who want to know where they can go, in and around Reading.  We are currently creating a schedule of regular services that are open now or reopening soon and one-off events that people may be interested in attending.

Information we need:

  • What is the service or event?
  • When is it happening?
  • Where is it happening?
  • Is there a cost?
  • Do people need to book in advance or is it a drop-in?
  • Can you collect people and take them home afterwards?
Please can you help us spread the word by emailing us on  For events only, you can also click on this link to complete a form and submit it to our team.