Cameron Grants for Innovation in Mental Health

Article date
8 March 2021
Primary interest
Voluntary sector
The organisation offers small cash awards from the Cameron Grant Memorial Trust to support innovation in mental health

The objectives of the Cameron Grant Memorial Trust (CGMT) are to raise awareness of suicide, to urge all who are suffering in silence to speak up and ask for help, and to support people, especially young people, who are fighting to overcome poor mental health.

This is a new scheme, funded by CGMT, to encourage innovative ways to support individuals suffering with poor mental health. Through this scheme, CGMT will offer ‘seed-funding’ of between £100 and £2,500, to individuals or organisations who need money to trial new ways to support those in need. CGMT will award grants to fund these innovations.

Who can apply?

Individuals; Charities; Social Enterprises/CIC; Schools; Colleges; Universities; Pre-registration start-ups; Voluntary Groups; Community Groups and other not-for-profit entities.

What are the funding priorities?

Applications for a grant of between £100 and £2,500 will be considered. The grant can be used to trial a new service, create an asset, a technology, a performance, fund research, or otherwise experiment in any way that supports the treatment of mental health. The emphasis will be on innovation – using new methods, channels, technology, ideas or approaches to reach out and effect change.  Ideas should typically fit into one of the following categories:

  • Destigmatising Mental Health
  • Reducing Barriers to Mental Health Care
  • Improving Mental Well Being

Note the grants are for project-based activities that demonstrate clear innovation. They will not be made to fund ongoing operational expenses or salaries.

How to apply

In the first instance, send an email with a brief outline of your idea and the amount you will be requesting to

Your request will be reviewed and they will get back to you within two weeks with an initial assessment. If this is positive, you will be invited to complete a formal application online via a Google Form. This should take between 20 and 30 minutes to complete.

Further details

Read more on the Cameron Grant Memorial Trust website.