Berkshire Youth are asking young people to take part in a short survey

Chloe, Berkshire Youth volunteer
Chloe and the Berkshire Youth team are asking young people to complete a short survey

Berkshire Youth has been working to improve the lives and experiences of young people for the last 80 years and are committed now as they have always been! Personally, I have done a lot of personal development courses with Berkshire Youth which have allowed me not only to meet new people but to develop many new and transferable skills. Alongside this, all the skills I have developed are on my CV ready to help me when I get into the job market – and that’s just me!


We are reaching out to young people to take part in a short survey around youth services in their local area. We want to hear from young people and hear their voices on matters that affect them. Our aim is to provide more support for young people in Berkshire, to identify gaps in services and to support, empower and inspire young people. Completing the short questionnaire allows us to adapt our ways of working to support and help the young people living in Berkshire.

Our main goals from sending this survey out are threefold:
  • We aim to identify the main issues young people in the area face and what services they can currently access
  • What gaps there may be in the services currently available
  • What services young people would like to see in place

If this sounds as beneficial as we know it can be, we would really appreciate it if you could send the following link out to young people you know: