Reading SOUP

Crowdfunding our Community

Reading SOUP is a grassroots fundraising project which supports community projects, charities and ideas in the Reading area. We’re inspired by the original Detroit SOUP.

We host bi-monthly Reading SOUP events, where three community projects or charities pitch for their cause. Our SOUP-ers vote for the pitch of their choice and the winning project receives all the proceeds from the door towards their project.

SOUP-ers can also enjoy live music, local art works and a yummy, vegan soup dinner.

How Reading SOUP works.
If you haven’t been to a Reading SOUP before, you can expect:

  • £5 gets you entry, a warm bowl of SOUP, live music, an art show and your donation to the winning project
  • Three local projects have 5 minutes to tell you about their work
  • You vote for your favourite project
  • The project with the most votes is awarded all the door money as funding.
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