Reading Phoenix Choir

Reading Phoenix Choir is a multi-award winning mixed voice choir. We sing around a dozen concerts a year both in the Reading Area and further afield.

We meet on Monday evenings in Woodley as well as on Thursdays before concerts.

One of the most remarkable qualities about the choir is that it performs concerts ‘off-copy’ – every choir member sings their part entirely from memory. In addition, the choir does not sing in the traditional arrangement of bass, tenor, alto and soprano, but in mixed formation. This enables the singers to fully engage with the other voice parts, creating a great aural blend.

Reading Phoenix Choir has also rolled out an exciting workshop programme for local schools, bringing the unique experience and joy of choral singing to young people in the area.


Type of organisation
Voluntary organisation
Primary interest
Arts and Crafts
Main activity
Arts and crafts
Young adults (16-25 years)Adults
Area of activity
Berkshire and neighbouring counties
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RVA member
Not specified

Is this location wheelchair accessible?
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