Family Community Cafe

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07963 044201

We aim to provide a safe friendly venue for families in the local area who can come together and enjoy spending time with their children, taking part in all sorts of activities from roller-skating/skateboarding/soft football/skipping, to art and crafts.

We invite people to join in who we know through befriending at local churches, schools, lunch clubs, playgroups etc. They will be people who may be struggling with children, not very confident, feel lonely, have no immediate family or close friends in the area, perhaps in temporary accommodation with young children and away from their familiar surroundings and support.

We aim to get alongside these people and try and support in any way possible to enrich their lives while living in our local community through friendship, advice, a listening ear, giving them our time, cooking a healthy meal and encouraging fun play time activities for all that attend.

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Community group
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Entertainment and socialising
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