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“Consider climate change in every action”

Climate Change Centre Reading (NGO) aims to create a partnership between the Reading area and the active companies working it. Our vision is for Reading and its business to join forces to reduce the carbon footprint and other environmental impacts of who live and work in the area, as in Reading over 40% of our carbon output comes from local business.

We understand every business is different and must work within its own financial constraints but the common goal is a clear focus to reduce the climate impact, and not by 2050… ASAP!

The aim is that all partners of Climate Change Centre Reading will reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 2015 aiming towards to a 40-50% cut by 2020 (Exceeding the UK lacklustre national aim of 34% by 2020). For example by improving energy efficiency by 15% between February 2014 to the end of 2015 by meeting the objectives set up by us here at Climate Change Centre Reading. On a larger international scale we need to be aware of our responsibilities throughout the EU, more renewable energy and more renewable fuels in our transportation are a must, and is an essential stance we should take.

We specifically identify ways of reducing carbon emissions, where you can optimize your supply chain and identify new business opportunities. We have set up a LinkedIn group to help TVBLEP members, the Reading Borough Council, the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group members and enterprises share experiences in developing green, successful businesses that have as minimal impact on the climate as possible. By liaising with researchers and representatives from trade and industry to help develop Reading’s most ambitious ever environmental programme.

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