Get involved with Wokingham International Day

Wokingham Town Council is looking to put together an event in Wokingham that celebrates cultural diversity – on a suitable and safe date in the future. They are looking to build relationships and create partnerships in this first instance.

Gemma Cumming, Arts and Culture Officer said:

There is a particular interest in ensuring we are celebrating the cultures that make up the town of Wokingham but would also want to hear from organisations and community groups whose members live in the wider borough of Wokingham and in adjoining boroughs.


An initial concept for the event was an outside stall based, single day event in the Market Place, with opportunities for world food, art, music and dance and the sharing of information. But we very much want to get feedback and have discussions about ways cultures can and should be celebrated.


I would like to build a contact database and would be very happy to set up a call to talk further with any interested party.

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