Free fast-track volunteer befriender training launched

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In response to the changing needs of befriending organisations at this time, Befriending Networks has developed a new Interim Volunteer Training programme to help organisations train their volunteers to provide telephone/distance befriending and/or to provide a fast track training method for new volunteers coming forward during the pandemic.

Befriending Networks has developed this training to help organisations safely and efficiently train ‘Interim Befrienders’ (volunteers specifically recruited to deliver distance befriending during the period of Covid-19).

What does the training involve?
  • 6 Videos (40 minutes total) that provide essential information about distance befriending
  • 21 Reflective Questions based on the video content
  • 1 Webinar/phone call led by your organisation
Who is the training for?

During the ‘soft launch’ period of this training, it will only be accessible to befriending or experienced volunteer organisations/services who will be given all training materials that they can then deliver to their volunteers. In doing so, Befriending Networks expects organisations to follow an appropriate recruitment process, follow up with all of their volunteers, either individually or as a virtual group, to discuss their answers to the reflective questions before they begin volunteering and keep a record of the numbers of volunteers who accessed this and will share this with Befriending Networks along with any feedback they have when it is requested.

In time, Befriending Networks hopes to enable organisations to sign up volunteers to take part is a Befriending Networks led webinars to discuss answers to reflective questions. Volunteers can’t sign up individually. If you are a volunteer, please tell your coordinator about this training and ask them to consider taking part.

Interested in taking part?
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