Let’s Make Reading Friendlier!

Everyone is welcome to join us at Reading’s BIG event to explore ways to alleviate loneliness and social isolation in our communities!

The focus of the event will be on taking action to create positive change in our neighbourhoods, where we work and study, and among all communities in Reading.


5:00pm     Registration, marketplace and refreshments: Come and browse what local organisations are already doing to help alleviate loneliness in Reading. Find out more about how you could get involved in supporting them as a volunteer or more about the services and activities they run. (Arrive any time between 5pm and 5:40pm)

5:45pm     Welcome and speakers (tbc)

6:15pm     Workshops / discussion groups (workshops running concurrently: select which you would like to attend on registration)

  • sense of belonging for everyone: How do different communities interact and feel accepted in Reading? What barriers do diverse groups face to feeling accepted and welcome and how can they be overcome?
  • Neighbourliness as the first step to reducing isolation in our communities:   How can we enable neighbourhoods to feel more friendly and connected? People often want to help each other out but don’t want to intrude – how do you ‘give permission’ to people to be neighbourly?
  • Young people and loneliness:   There’s a lot of recognition of loneliness in older age, but it is becoming more apparent that loneliness is an all-age issue. How does loneliness specifically impact young people: through school, further / higher education and entering the world of work?

7:00pm    Final speaker, key actions from each workshop and close

7:30pm     Networking, refreshments and marketplace

(If you represent an organisation that would like to attend, there is an additional afternoon session from 3pm – 5pm, with a focus on collaboration between organisations and across sectors. If interested, see here for more information on / registration for the afternoon session.)

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