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  • RBC coronavirus advice in Bengali, Hindi, Nepali, Polish, Punjabi, Urdu and Konkani
    9 September 2020 Coronavirus advice in Nepali

    In the interests of reaching as many residents as possible with important coronavirus safety messages, Reading Borough Council now have a webpage that brings together locally produced information and signposting to national resources in different languages: They have created an easy-access version of the national coronavirus test and isolate messages with an infographic that is ...

  • Your Digital Family – host a community event
    7 September 2020

    Your Digital Family is a new online quiz event, helping families enjoy a more positive digital life. If you are affiliated to the Connection Coalition, you can receive training, tools and support to host this event in your community, plus £1,000 in funding for you to take part. What is Your Digital Family? Tech has become a vital part ...

  • One Reading Children and Young People’s Partnership – update on work streams
    7 September 2020

    An update on work streams for the September 2020 issue of the One Reading Children and Young People’s Partnership newsletter Graduated Responses The Domestic Abuse strategy meeting was moved to fortnightly in anticipation of a surge in domestic abuse referrals and additional resources identified to respond. Commissioning and Funding In response to concerns arising from the lockdown and from ...

  • Reading Prince’s Trust Team programme – starts 28 September 2020
    7 September 2020

    Adviza are now recruiting young people for the successful Prince’s Trust Team programme, starting in Reading on Monday 28 September 2020. The Prince’s Trust Team Programme is a course designed to re-engage young people aged 16–25 years: to help them gain confidence, develop a support network and build the skills and knowledge needed to move ...

  • Back to school resources
    7 September 2020

    Council for Disabled Children – welcome back to education resources With children and young people out of education for so long and given the current climate, the return to school may be an overwhelming experience. The Council for Disabled Children have collated a list of resources and guidance that you may find useful to help ease ...

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