Meet the Social Prescribing team

Here are our social prescribing team – they can be contacted by phone on 0118 937 2273 or individually by email:

  • Anna Chapman

    Anna is part of RVA’s Social Prescribing team focusing on Tilehurst Village Surgery and Westwood Road Health Centre.  She joined RVA in 2018 to engage and support parents who were not in employment and living in Reading towards and into training, courses, voluntary work and paid employment and work with partners across sectors to maximise opportunities available for parents, acting as the link between parents, schools and organisations.  Her background prior to RVA includes working with people over the age of 16 on a one-to-one basis, in an intensive, consistent and holistic way, exploring their needs, ability and aspirations and identifying the challenges and barriers to their wellbeing and achievement.

  • Sarah Collins

    Sarah joined RVA’s Social Prescribing Team in April 2022, focussing on Caversham Primary Care Network. She has an extensive background working in statutory public services across Berkshire, often supporting those with complex needs. In her current role, Sarah takes a holistic and motivational approach, getting to know the individual and empowering them to support their own health and wellbeing. Through signposting or referral, she supports them to connect with local services, groups, and activities, often in the voluntary and community sector.

  • Sharon Fitton
    Social Prescribing Link

    Sharon is part of RVA’s Social Prescribing team focusing on South Reading Primary Care Network. She has spent the 10 last years developing local community gardens within Reading’s neighbourhoods and has an in-depth knowledge of what local services and organisations are available to help you improve your health and wellbeing.

  • Louise Keane
    Social Prescribing Link

    Louise is part of RVA’s Social Prescribing team focusing on South Reading Primary Care Network. She has an extensive background working in various roles in Health and Adult Social Care in Reading as well as in other areas of Berkshire and Wiltshire. Her most recent role, prior to coming to RVA, was supporting people living with Dementia.

  • Lorraine Knox

    Lorraine is part of RVA’s Social Prescribing Team in the Caversham Primary Care Network.  Lorraine has previously worked in both Health and Social care, with a focus on supporting Children, Young People and their families in a variety of roles.  She is looking forward to connecting with Service Users, GP’s, community support groups and other professionals to help make positive changes.

  • Amrit Maghera

    Amrit is part of RVA’s Social Prescribing team focusing on Holybrook Primary Care Network.  Having lived in the area for over 30 years, Amrit has built up good insight into the voluntary and community sector in Reading. She has worked with a number of local organisations and charities ranging from the cultural, social and educational. Her work has involved linking people and groups to achieve the best outcome for all involved.

  • Helen Murphy
    Social Prescribing

    As an educator, trustee for a mental health charity and volunteer project manager, Helen has come to realise the important role played by voluntary organisations and charities in promoting a healthy community. As a carer, Helen also values links to many different organisations in the community which provide information and support. For Helen, social prescribing is a way of improving the connectedness and therefore the health and wellbeing of every individual and promoting a thriving community. Helen focuses on Caversham Primary Care Network.

  • Patricia Poku
    Social Prescribing

    Patricia has been with RVA since June 2021, initially as a social prescriber and now supporting the wider social prescribing team in a managerial role. Her background includes experience working across a range of voluntary organisations and the NHS both in client facing and managerial roles. She is passionate about the voluntary sector and the influence it has on improving people’s overall quality of life.

  • Sarah Timmins DeGregory
    Social Prescribing Link

    Sarah is part of RVA’s Social Prescribing team focusing on Caversham Primary Care Network. She joined RVA in 2016 to work alongside community leaders across Caversham, then in Whitley to strengthen connections with the charity and voluntary sector. She participated in the multi-agency partnership working with schools, families and young people across the town. Her background prior to RVA includes work in cultural and public health institutions in New York City. 

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