Register your challenge

Please ensure you have read our document Information for charities and groups recruiting volunteers which explains the spirit within which we operate this scheme. Team challenge project forms are accepted on this basis and you will be asked at the foot of the challenge registration form to declare that you agree to our terms.

If you need some tips for the things you need to think about when planning your challenge project, just take a look at the online challenge form which contains lots of useful information fields that will help you plan. These include the location, estimated time commitment, your view of the sort of team you need, prompts about materials and tools etc.

Once we receive details of your organisation’s challenge, we will publicise it one our volunteering portal and through our newsletter. If a likely team of friends does spot your challenge, they are likely to be pretty enthusiastic once they make contact so do be prepared to respond!


Please note the Team Challenge scheme cannot be used to seek help with specific dated events. Talk to us separately about this or go straight to our standard volunteer recruitment form.

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