Association of Community Organisations for Reform Now (ACORN)

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07873 203016

ACORN is a community based social justice union, representing 80,000 members worldwide.

We listen to our neighbours, connect our communities, take action and win.

Our community branches across the UK have been waging campaigns to win investment in safer, cleaner streets for our families, and secure, affordable homes.

We are building real people power and winning a better quality of life.

We want:

  • homes fit to live in and good food and energy, at a price we can afford
  • good jobs that pay us a wage we can live on and benefit society
  • benefits, credit and financial supports that actually help us and don’t cripple us with debt
  • clean streets and safe neighbourhoods, with good schools and healthcare
  • a real say on the things that affect us, and an exciting future for our kids.

Everyone deserves a decent life.

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Community group
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Legal issues
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Campaigning and lobbying
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Not specified

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Flat 10
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Solent Court Southampton Street
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