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A Happy New Year to all and welcome to our first training digest of 2018. We have plenty of new training on offer over the next few months, and are very excited about partnering with some national organisations to bring specialised training to voluntary and community groups in Reading. Read on to find out more…

Want help with using Equality and Human Rights to achieve your organisation’s framework?

The Equality and Diversity Forum (EDF) is an influential national network of non-governmental organisations working on age, disability, gender and gender identity, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation and broader equality and human rights issues. They have recently launched a free digital toolkit for voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations called the Equality and Human Rights Framework. To accompany the online resource, the EDF offer a learning programme to help you explore how to integrate equality and human rights into your work. We are delighted to announce that the learning programme workshops are coming to Reading’s Green Park in March and April, and you have until 26 February 2018 to register.

Thought about setting up a business with a social mission? 

If so, a social enterprise model might be right for you. RVA are working in partnership with SKS Scotland to offer this evening workshop as a beginners guide to social enterprises for anyone who has, or is considering setting up a social enterprise in Reading, including financial and management guidance specifically for social enterprises.

Find out more and book here – Social Enterprise Workshop 22 February 2018

Does your organisation give ‘advice’? 

RVA is partnering with Reading Advice Network (RAN) to deliver this one day workshop for advice-giving organisations in Reading to enable those in leadership positions in RAN member, or potential member, organisations to better understand what produces a quality service, identify gaps or weeknesses, be equiped with practical tools to tackle these, and leave feeling confident that they know what their organisation has to do to be able to meet the RAN Quality Standard.

 Find out more and book here – RAN Quality Assessment Workshop – 27 February 2018

Costing your services – Workshop for Charities and Community Groups

Increasingly charities need to consider the cost per unit of their services and the most effective way of pricing their services. This workshop will give you an overview of how to do this effectively in the current funding climate, and will be helpful for new and existing charities and community groups.

Find out more and book here – Costing your Services workshop 8 March 2018 2pm – 5pm

This course immediately follows on from Treasurer Training in the morning on the same day – Find out more and book here.

 Heavily subsidised FSI Fundraising Training coming to Reading!

The Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) are partnering with us to deliver a workshop for community and voluntary groups in Reading on how to fundraise from Trusts and Foundations. This course will benefit those who want to develop, refresh and improve their strategies for successful Trust and Foundation fundraising, including researching, selecting and applying to potential funders. The FSI trainers have a wealth of experience and the market value of their courses in London are normally in the region of £300, in comparison to the rate they will be offering you of £15 for a whole day workshop!

Find out more and book here – FSI training – Fundraising from Trusts and Foundations – 7 March 2018


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