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RVA provides a comprehensive package of support for Reading’s volunteer involving organisations (VIOs) whether they are established charities, community groups or local public bodies. We are able to assist in the development of new volunteering opportunities, promoting those opportunities and providing training for volunteer managers and in some instances for your volunteers too. Our aim is to make volunteering accessible to all.

Our work with organisations in developing roles for volunteers is at the core of our promotion of equal opportunities and diversity. The information listed will provide the essential things you need to know and actions to take for your organisation to be a ‘good’ volunteer involving organisation (VIO) and avoid the risk of conferring unintended employment rights to voluntary roles.

Do contact us if you require advice on how to develop policies to reflect the requirements of your organisation or project.

Contact us on 0118 937 2273 or email

All the information is for guidance purposes only – please seek specialist advice if you have a particular issue to resolve.

  • Information for charities and groups recruiting volunteers

    RVA’s volunteer recruitment service, how to use it and the commitment we require from client organisations on behalf of potential volunteers and our funders. Includes a link to our checklist for the data you need in order to submit a recruitment advertisement for our website.

  • Investors in Volunteers indicators

    Volunteering England’s best practice indicators provide a sound framework for any volunteer involving organisation to measure themselves against.

  • volunteer recruitment form

    The data you provide on this form is used to develop a recruitment advertisement for volunteers on our volunteering portal and for use by the volunteering and information advisers in our shop.

  • volunteer recruitment information checklist

    Use this checklist to make sure you have all the information to hand to use our online volunteer task form and recruit the help you need.

  • RVA Volunteering Policy

    It is best practice for all organisations working with volunteers to have suitable policies in place and to implement them day-to-day. RVA’s own policy provides guidance to both staff and volunteers we recruit, in order to ensure the quality of the volunteering experience.

  • Top 5 Tricks for effective volunteer recruitment

    Our team of volunteer advisers have collated their best advice in these top tricks to help volunteer involving organisations improve their task adverts and recruitment process.

  • Volunteer Policy – Why have one and what to include (NCVO)

    A volunteering policy is a framework for a volunteer programme. It helps define the role of volunteers within the organisation, and how they can expect to be treated, as well as ensuring that the organisation doesn’t inadvertently treat volunteers as employees. For more information, see this helpful guidance from NCVO. If you need help developing your policy, get in touch with RVA on

  • Volunteers from overseas

    A factsheet summarising eligibility of to volunteer for non-UK citizens.

  • Writing a volunteer task description

    How to create an effective task description and help potential volunteers decide whether your role is appropriate for them so that you can recruit and keep the right people to help achieve your aims.

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