RVA policies and procedures

RVA’s Board of Trustees has approved a range of policies and procedures which fit with legislative guidelines and help us run the organisation effectively and deal with situations that may arise.

Please take a look at these as a reference point for how RVA aims to do things, or as food for thought about the sort of policies that any community group or charity may need. Do contact us if you require advice on how to develop policies to reflect the requirements of your organisation or project.

Contact us on 0118 937 2273 or email advice@rva.org.uk.

All the information is for guidance purposes only – please seek specialist advice if you have a particular issue to resolve.

  • NCVO model policies

    The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) provide a number of model policies for its members. Membership is free for voluntary groups with an annual income of under £30,000 and then charged on a staggered basis.

  • RVA Complaints and Feedback Procedure

    Within the limits of its resources and its constitution RVA is committed to providing the best possible service to its users and publishing a procedure on users can expect their concerns to be dealt with.

  • RVA Data Protection Policy

    RVA respects the private lives of individuals and recognises the importance of safeguarding personal privacy. RVA appreciates the responsibility of storing personal information and considers the protection of personal data to always be a priority and a consideration throughout RVA services. Our policy provides guidance for all RVA staff, trustees and volunteers, outlining the considerations and management of personal data.

  • RVA Disciplinary Policy and Procedures for staff

    Where informal measures fail to achieve the required level of performance or conduct, this procedure aims to offer a clear and consistent way of dealing with such problems. It is recognised that formal disciplinary action should be used, but that both parties will have explored informal disciplinary proceedings before formal proceedings are undertaken.

  • RVA Equal Opportunities Policy

    RVA is committed to opposing discrimination & promoting equality at every opportunity. RVA members are expected to support RVA’s anti-discrimination values as outlined in this policy.

  • RVA Grievance Procedures

    When efforts to resolve disputes informally are seen to be getting nowhere, a grievance procedure exists to ensure that any problem or grievance that an employee may have relating to their employment can be resolved quickly and fairly.

  • RVA Health and Safety Policy

    Meeting statutory obligations to staff, volunteers and service users.

  • RVA Managing Absence Policy

    A policy to balance staff needs with ensuring the provision of a good service to users.

  • RVA Maternity/Paternity Policy

    Sets out the rights and obligations of employer and employee.

  • RVA Personal Safety Policy

    Outlines responsibilities for protecting the personal safety and minimising risks for staff and volunteers.

  • RVA Recruitment and Selection Policy for paid staff

    Establishes a sound framework for recruiting new staff.

  • RVA Safeguarding Policy

    Details the responsibility of staff, volunteers and trustees in the protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults from abuse.

  • RVA Volunteer Policy

    A policy to provide guidance to both staff and volunteers recruited by the organisation, in order to ensure the quality of the volunteering experience.

  • RVA Wellbeing Policy

    Provides a framework within which RVA will encourage and facilitate working practices and environment that support employee well-being

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