Equality, diversity and inclusion

RVA believes that an equal opportunities approach must be embedded in the culture of the organisation. It is what we do and how we do it – our practice – that defines where we stand in relation to equal opportunities. Position statements and written frameworks work alongside tangible actions to document intentions, showcase good practice and highlight development areas. We believe that all organisations are on a journey in their approach to and development of equality, diversity and inclusion. We all have a role to play in challenging discrimination and different forms of oppression. To meet these challenges, we aim to be a learning organisation where everyone feels free to raise issues of equality and where training and learning from each other are highly valued, monitoring and evaluation are prized tools and freedom to admit mistakes and celebrate successes are of central importance.

Inclusion framework for the voluntary sector in Reading

Azra Raja, RVA’s Inclusion Manager, has created a process to develop inclusion for the voluntary sector in Reading, helping managers and trustees consider equality, diversity and inclusion in their own organisations. This page highlights inclusion related resources and news.

Please contact Azra by emailing azra.raja@rva.org.uk if you have any questions or would like support and guidance with developing inclusion in your organisation.

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Further reading, information and guidance
Charity Governance Code

In December 2020, after a process of consultation the Charity Governance Code has been reviewed and set out clear recommendations and practice on two of its principles. These two principles are Principle 3: Integrity and Principle 6: Diversity, now called Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. These have been updated and published with another wider scale review scheduled for 2023. Charities are encouraged to visit the Code’s website to view and download the new edition of the Code. Explanatory videos and accompanying blogs can also be found on the website

Equality and Human Rights Commission
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