Volunteering for Wellbeing

Thursday 28 January 2021

In this Zoom session, we will explore how the right volunteering role can play a part in helping to enhance your sense of wellbeing.

Whether seeking to return to the workplace following a break, looking for your first job or seeking to transfer into a new field, the right volunteering role can prove to be a valuable asset in successfully securing employment.

Studies suggest that those who volunteer can benefit from a boost to their own wellbeing. This boost can result in an increased sense of happiness and life satisfaction and a reduction in feelings of depression and anxiety.

After a brief general introduction to volunteering, the session will outline how volunteering can provide you with a unique gateway to accessing the five ways to wellbeing: 

  • Give 
  • Keep Learning 
  • Stay Active 
  • Connect 
  • Take Notice 

We will then explore how RVA can help you to identify the right role and other services available to support your journey towards wellbeing.

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28 January 2021
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