Free Voluntary Sector Training – Compass Recovery College – Emotional Boundaries

Friday 18 February 2022

Compass Recovery College are commencing their free voluntary sector mental health and wellbeing training in January, these workshops are open access to staff, volunteers and befrienders alike. Throughout the pandemic volunteers and community groups have been vital in supporting those who need it, Compass recognises the importance of this work and wants to give back to those who do so much for others. The goal of this free training is to boost voluntary sector mental health and wellbeing knowledge and help those supporting others to take control of their own mental well-being.

We would like to continue developing this training based on the needs and interests of the voluntary and community sector. If you have any experiences or interests we can help with please contact Ashley at to discuss future opportunities.

Emotional boundaries
This session explores how as volunteers and voluntary sector staff we can set up emotional boundaries that support our own wellbeing within our work.
When supporting others, we need to understand how to put our own self-care in place to avoid burnout and compassion fatigue and to identify when our wellbeing is being compromised.


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18 February 2022
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10:00 am
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12:30 pm
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