Clore Leadership: free Zoom session for leaders on wellbeing and your team

Thursday 13 May 2021

Clore Social Leadership are offering this practical and solution filled free Zoom session for leaders who want to look after the wellbeing of their team. Addressing the rise of ‘burnout’ among teams and packed with proven tips and tactics, this purposeful event will support any leader looking for guidance on ‘how’ to incorporate a responsive wellbeing approach for the benefit of their team and organisation.

Curated as part of a ‘Challenge Project’ and in association with their leadership development programme, four driven sector leaders have identified a need for an accessible and central resource that specifically supports the wellbeing of leaders and the teams that they manage.

The result? The Wellbeing Toolkit

This practical and resourceful toolkit helps leaders break down the wellbeing challenges facing themselves and their teams and provides quick access to high quality resources to inspire and assist them. These resources can be used individually, or put together to form the basis of a full or half-day team wellbeing session.

This event will draw directly from the free and accessible resource and the event will be delivered by the sector leaders who created it.

Find out more and register through this link


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Meeting / Talk / Presentation
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Voluntary sector
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13 May 2021
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