Community Organisers

(l-r) Freya Walker, Robert Stirling, Smriti Hunter and Annemaire Byrnes

(l-r) Freya Walker, Robert Stirling, Smriti Hunter and Annemaire Byrnes

A group of four Community Organisers have started work in Reading in a bid to get people across the town more involved in where they live.

Hosted by Reading Voluntary Action at Highbridge House, Freya Walker, Robert Stirling, Smriti V Hunter and Annemaire Byrnes will be talking to people, finding out what they love about the area they live in and what things they would most like to improve. The four of them will then be looking to support local people set up solutions during 2014-15.

These organisers will be working for a year as a part of a government funded scheme to encourage more people to take action and get involved within their communities. The overall goal is to get 5000 people from across England to take action around the things that they care about and transform their neighbourhoods, and this programme has now spread to Reading.

Although the scheme is funded by the Cabinet Office, administered by national body Locality and hosted by the Reading Voluntary Action, the Community Organisers are completely independent and their actions will be led entirely and solely by the community in which they work. They also receive their training from national charity RE:generate in their Root Solution – Listening Matters approach.

Freya will be working in the town end of Oxford Road, Robert will be working around Erleigh Road south of Cemetery Junction, Smriti will be working in Newtown and Orts Road and Annemaire will be working in Southcote around Coronation Square.

To get in contact with the community organisers please email or

To find out more about the Community Organisers scheme please visit

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