Our community journalists

We have a team of community journalists who are out and about covering events and collecting stories to promote volunteering and the work of the voluntary sector:

  • Catherine Martindale

    Catherine Martindale has been a resident of Reading for over twenty years. Most of her career has been working with local businesses and charities in the Reading area. She is a former member of the Reading Borough Council communications team and previously worked for the Reading Chronicle. More recently, Catherine took a career break to bring up her family and improve her qualifications. She now has a degree in History and English and an MA in Renaissance Texts from the University of Reading. In addition, she gained valuable volunteering experience at a local museum and with a child literacy charity.

  • Oriela De Rossi
    Community Journalist

    Oriela De Rossi is a student at the University of Reading. After completing a BA in English Literature, she decided to broaden her horizons and study Children’s Literature. In her role as Community Journalist for RVA, Oriela’s particular interest lies in reporting on local charity groups that support mental health and wellbeing. Oriela is also bilingual, being fluent in Albanian and hopes to break down language barriers for those struggling with communication.

  • Simone Illger
    Community Journalist

    Simone Illger has lived in Reading for the whole of her life. Her mobility and reach are affected as a consequence of damage caused by the drug Thalidomide that was used to counteract morning sickness in the 1950s and 60s. Not allowing her disability to stand in the way of an active and fulfilled life, Simone attended mainstream primary and secondary schools in Reading and went on to train and work as a secretary.

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