Community buildings package

Running a community building can be daunting and it can be hard to know where to get all the right information from. That’s why RVA has put together its Community Buildings Package, containing the relevant information to get your committee on track. You can chose all or any of the products we offer and, if there is a cost, we can help you apply for funding.

The following services covered by Earley Charity funding…

Trustee Training

Bespoke training for your group covering trustee duties and liability, trustee roles, your organisation’s structure, constitution, reporting requirements and organisational policies. The training highlights key focus areas and gives you the confidence to manage your organisation effectively.

Business planning support

One on one support to help identify your group’s aims and priorities. The support will result in a business plan with clear objectives and measures to highlight your focus for the coming year.

Policy development

Support and templates to help you develop a range of policies, including how to manage they way you work with staff, oversee safeguarding and protect the data you collect.

Community Buildings Network 

The opportunity to work with, and learn from, managers of other local community buildings. Benefits could include sharing of knowledge, peer support,  sharing buildings and receiving guidance on practical and legal considerations.

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RVA Safe and Sound

RVA’s governance mark can help identify any gaps in your groups policies and procedures and support is provided to fill those gaps. The mark consists of a self-assessment and an optional consultation to help identify where improvements can be made and how to achieve the full mark.


Assistance to incorporate as a company or Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). This protects trustees from certain areas of financial liability and helps give you the confidence to govern your organisation.

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