Young People’s Mental Health Pilot in South Reading

Primary interest
Funding and Fundraising

Reading Borough Council are looking for an organisation to develop and run a pilot focused on understanding needs and improving the mental health of children and young people in South Reading. The pilot is part of the wider Reading, Place of Culture project.

They have £6,000 available for a community, arts, cultural or heritage organisation to deliver an innovative artistic project between May and December 2019. The scope of the work is:

  • to review artistic, cultural and heritage opportunities available to children and young people in South Reading and beyond
  • to consult with children and young people to establish what their needs and interests are
  • to develop and trial a short programme of artistic, cultural, or heritage focused activities, of high quality, that will have a measurable impact on mental health and social isolation and loneliness, during and beyond the summer holidays 2019.
Further information

Download the full specification here and application details here.

Please contact if you have any questions. Proposals must be submitted by 9am on 6 May 2019.