What if home is not a safe place? Free online domestic abuse seminar with the Ann Craft Trust

Article date
8 April 2020
Primary interest
Voluntary sector

The Ann Craft Trust is a national charity that provides guidance and training for organisations working with adults at risk and disabled children. They are launching a series of free online seminars on key topics that have been raised by organisations as a result of the pandemic.

The first session will cover the topic: What if Home is Not a Safe Place?

In the UK we are experiencing a three-week lock-down. Families are spending an increased amount of time at home whilst managing additional caring responsibilities and increased financial demands. This can increase tensions within the home and in some situations lead to an increase in domestic abuse cases.

To find out more about how your organisation can take steps to spot the signs of domestic abuse early in this unique pandemic situation and what safeguards can be put in place for those at risk, join the free seminar online on Thursday 16 April, 2 – 3pm.

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