Webinar conversations for young people about the effect of violent crime with ROC

Young people in conversation about their community and the effects of violent crime

Young People of Reading by ROC to join one of two webinars to discuss the effect of violent crime on their community.

The Reading ROC conversation has been commissioned by the Home Office as part of a nationwide initiative to address the causes of violent crime and mobilise local communities to deliver relevant responses within their unique context.

Young people are especially impacted by and vulnerable to violent crime and its related issues. A conversation in Reading that didn’t include the voices of our young people would be woefully inadequate; therefore we are making sure that this doesn’t happen.

The aims of the webinars:
  • To create platforms and opportunities through which young people can have their say.
  • To listen and take on board what the young people share, and faithfully representing it in the ongoing conversations with other sections of the community.
  • To facilitate creative action by young people and others in the community, that will address issues raised by the young people.

Our panellists are a mixture of young people and people who work with young people. There will be a ‘wish you were here’ creative competition with prizes awarded for the most expressive creations.

We would be grateful if local schools and youth groups could assist or facilitate your young people to participate in these important conversations.

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