We can still help you get online!

Author's position
Development Worker, Digital Inclusion
Article date
6 October 2020
Primary interest
Voluntary sector

As you would imagine, things have changed a lot for the Get Online project this year. It seems like a very long time since we had our last chance to offer one-to-one support sessions at libraries and community venues, and at the moment we don’t know when we’ll be able to return.

However, we’re still open for business, just operating remotely. Our team of Get Online volunteers can offer help over the phone to get started, then we can help set up Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp so we can talk over video as well. We can also help with finding reasonably priced laptops, tablets and smartphones and getting better broadband and mobile deals.

We can give remote assistance by phone or video with the usual kinds of tasks such as internet browsing, email, documents and spreadsheets, online shopping and filling in online application forms. Where appropriate we can also put together tailored information packs such as links to online courses, help pages or instruction videos.

So if you know anyone that needs any help using the internet please give RVA a call on 0118 937 2273 – please leave contact details and we’ll call back and discuss what kind of help is needed. You can also download and print our flyer – it can easily be printed on A5 as a flyer to give to clients or larger sizes for use as a poster on your community noticeboard.

Download the Get Online flyer here.