Wake Up and Sing with Berkshire Maestros

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Marketing Manager
Article date
30 April 2020
Primary interest
Families and Parenting
Berkshire Maestros are running daily YouTube ‘singing workouts’ called Wake Up and Sing, suitable for the whole family

Published at 7am every morning on YouTube and Berkshire Maestros social channels, these are 10 minute sessions designed to wake up your voice and body. Each session builds daily up to a finale song at the end of the week, with a new song/theme weekly.

This is a brilliant alternative to Joe Wicks for those who are less physically able (or inclined!) and is suitable for all ages from toddlers up to great grandparents. It’s a great activity either to do by yourself or as a family – or even remotely with friends and family further afield who may be feeling isolated.

See the whole playlist.