Kickstart your 2021 resolutions by exploring volunteering this January

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RVA Volunteering Development Manager
Article date
8 December 2020
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Has 2020 inspired you to do something new?

Think volunteering might be a way of improving your sense of wellbeing? Looking at volunteering as a way of gaining or changing employment?

Whatever your motivation the start of a new year can be a great time to turn those ideas into actions and this January RVA will be running a series of free online presentations exploring volunteering in the town and how you can get involved. Kick start your 2021 resolutions by clicking on the links below and finding out more about the sessions and registration:

13 January 2021 – An introduction to volunteering in Reading

This session will provide you with a general introduction to volunteering looking at:

  • the reasons people volunteer
  • how to decide what opportunity is right for you
  • exploring some examples of different types of volunteering opportunity
  • discussing the kind of support and training you can expect when volunteering
  • identifying how to go about taking your first steps into volunteering.
20 January 2021 – Volunteering as a route to employment

This session will outline how volunteering can make a difference to your job search by:

  • building confidence
  • demonstrating soft skills
  • standing out from the crowd
  • building your network.
28 January 2021 – Volunteering for wellbeing

In this session we will explore how the right volunteering role can have a positive impact on your sense of wellbeing. We will look at how volunteering can provide a unique gateway to accessing the 5 ways to wellbeing:

  • Give
  • Keep learning
  • Stay Active
  • Connect
  • Take notice
Further information

You can also find all of the latest volunteering opportunities at our volunteer matching site or sign-up to our weekly volunteering newsletter to have the latest opportunities sent straight to your inbox every Friday.