Venturesome Impact Fund

Article date
2 May 2024
Primary interest
Voluntary sector
Introduction – Overview of the funding

The Venturesome Impact Fund provides social investment for purpose driven organisations – charities, social enterprises and community groups – all over the UK. Social investment is the use of repayable finance to help an organisation achieve a social purpose. It is not a grant or a donation.

The fund offers flexible finance options designed to help social organisations ease cashflow, develop new services or purchase assets.

Who is eligible?

Charities, community groups and social enterprises can apply.

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Have a clear charitable purpose and social impact. They do not need to be a registered charity; however, companies limited by shares are not eligible unless wholly owned by a charity. Community interest companies (CIC) limited by shares are eligible.
  • Be incorporated and registered in the UK, but can have international projects.
  • Have been trading for at least one year and can provide evidence either from donations or trading.
  • Have a minimum annual turnover of £75,000.
What are the funder priorities?

The funder is looking for the following:

  • The scale and depth of the impact the organisation can make on people or the environment.
  • Evidence that funding will make a difference in the community.
  • A plan showing how social investment could help the organisation become more sustainable, create jobs and open up opportunities.
  • Evidence of strong governance, an appropriate legal structure, and a sustainable business model to repay the loan.
  • Receipt of regular impact and financial reporting whilst the loan is outstanding.
How much can organisations apply for?

The Fund offers repayable loans between £50,000 and £1 million, with a 5.5% fixed interest rate that will not change during the lifetime of the facility. Additional commitment and legal fees apply.

What the funding can be used for

The unrestricted social investment can fund:

  • Working capital/cashflow management
  • Delivering products and/or services to new customers
  • Building organisational resilience such as investing in improving impact measurement and reporting, designing and developing products or services, systems and processes, sales and marketing, hiring new staff, and purchasing assets
Is there a deadline?

There are no deadlines. The fund is continuously open for applications.

Find out more/how to apply

To start the application process, a short enquiry form will have to be filled in.  Further details and other relevant information can be found on the CAF website

For further support from RVA with preparing your application or the policies and procedures required for this funding, contact Herjeet Randhawa at