TVPS launch positive podcast

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Deputy CEO
Article date
18 October 2019
Primary interest
HIV, Hope and Charity: chatting HIV and busting myths, one podcast at a time!

HIV, Hope and Charity is a podcast series that has been recorded by local charity Thames Valley Positive Support (TVPS). The HIV support service has recorded the six episodes to give their HIV positive service users a voice, to enable more people to access support, and to educate the wider community.

HIV, Hope and Charity, which launched this week, has a different guest each episode, some who are living with HIV themselves. The podcasts also include discussion of wider issues such as PrEP, and what issues the HIV/charity sector are facing. All six episodes have been released together, meaning you can pick and choose which episodes, and in what order, you listen to them.

You can listen to HIV, Hope and Charity via iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and the TVPS website.

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