Training opportunity: understanding parental conflict

Primary interest
Families and Parenting
Why is understanding parental conflict important?

It is increasingly recognised that the quality of parental relationships, specifically how parents communicate and relate to one another, is a primary influence on children’s mental health and long-term life chances. Conflict between parents is a normal part of relationships. Not all conflict is damaging, but there is strong evidence suggesting that where conflict between parents is frequent, intense and poorly resolved this can harm children’s outcomes.

Training programme in Reading – dates and venues to be announced soon

A training programme on understanding parental conflict will be available in Reading. Dates and venues will be publicised soon. The aim of the programme is to:

  • Ensure that all those who work in Reading are aware of parental conflict and its impact on children.
  • Provide local training for frontline workers and volunteers from across children’s and adult services so they have the confidence and knowledge required to identify parental conflict, offer initial support and signpost to appropriate services where relevant
  • Build sustainability to deliver future training ourselves via a ‘train the trainer’ approach.
Face-to-face multi-agency workshops

There will be four modules delivered as face-to-face workshops. Participants can choose from the following:

  • Module A: Understanding Parental Conflict and its Impact on Child Outcomes (half day for practitioners)
  • Module B: Recognising, Supporting and Working with Parents in Conflict (full day for practitioners)
  • Module C: The Role of Supervisors and Managers: How can I support my frontline practitioners? (half day for managers and supervisors)
  • Module D: Training the Trainer (two full days for trainers)

All modules are also available via eLearning. Each module takes around 45 minutes to complete and you have 6 months from registration to complete the training. When you register for a face-to-face workshop you will automatically be asked to register for eLearning.

Feedback from other areas

‘I was grateful for the course material as in my role I see so much parental conflict and the effects of this. The course content was pitched just right and the tool kit I will use’.

‘The training will support me in working with my families … I found the tools useful and will be using these in my workplace’ .

Further information

Please contact Jack Caine, Partnership Coordinator (Practice) for the One Reading Early Intervention Partnership, for more information or to register your interest: