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A new collective of business coaches have been in touch to offer their support free of charge for the duration of the Covid-19 outbreak. You can read more below and visit their website to get in touch with them.
From The Support Network

Amidst all the alarming stories about panic buying and selfish behaviour during the current Covid-19 pandemic, there have also been many wonderful stories of generosity, community spirit and the desire of people to make a difference. Speaking with colleagues over the past few days, we share those feelings. That’s why we have formed The Support Network, a collective of like-minded people, with the experience and skills to help.

We are a group of experienced business coaches who have worked together for many years and are now offering coaching support to leaders, managers, partners and others on a wide range of current challenges: from the simple to the complex, the technical to the behavioural. Coaching is powerful, it can help people maintain focus and keep going, even when it seems as though everything else is falling apart.

So, as a public service (no charge for the duration of the Covid-19 outbreak) we offer our coaching support – whether it’s to help with running a department, managing people, coping with the challenge of working from home while the children are there too, or just trying to figure out what ‘normal’ might look like in these challenging times. Our hope is that when the current turmoil has passed, and the economy begins to grow again, you too will be better placed to spring back into action.

We are now self-isolating from our family and friends; however, that doesn’t mean that we need to isolate ourselves from expert support. Whatever mode of communication you prefer – phone, Skype, Teams, Hangouts, Zoom etc – we are available to talk. If you would like to take up our offer of support, or know of someone who might benefit from some coaching support please get in touch.

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Visit The Support Network website.