The Rock Academy – Reading Summer Youth Activities

Reading’s Youth Summer Activities are on the horizon! In the weeks running up to our summer events we thought we would tell you more about the groups working with us – to give you an insight into their world and what you could get involved in. Today’s focus is on all things music with The Rock Academy.

The Rock Academy Foundation (TRAF) are a Reading-based music charity. Since 2008 they have been working with hundreds of young people, helping them to realise their musical dreams. All their musicians are given opportunities to improve their technical musicianship skills, write songs, connect with other song writers and build confidence through live performances and weekly term time sessions.

TRAF offer a wide variety of music activities, including their famous Band Experience. This is a great opportunity to join a band or develop your band’s sound and performance. Your band will be coached on all aspects of technical skills and choreographic performance and have the opportunity to perform at three gigs per year and make live recordings.

If being in a band isn’t your thing, TRAF offers guitar lessons, bass lessons, drum lessons, piano/keyboard lessons and vocal training. Whether you’re a complete beginner or want to improve your own playing, The Rock Academy has it all in one place for you. They also work closely with schools and community centres offering music lessons and band sessions to those that are interested.

They have free Band Experience taster sessions coming up in September giving you the opportunity to see if this is something you want to continue, with no cost and no obligation to go forward.

Membership of The Rock Academy costs £10 per year. For more details please visit their website.

You may be able to take part in their activities for free by applying to TRAF Scholarship Scheme. This could be a full or part funded scholarship that gives those that want to take part in music the opportunity to do so. The charity is dedicated to reaching all individuals, no matter your background, so that we can all develop our creativity through music.

If that all sounds great to you (and we certainly think it does!) please sign up to their Band Experience Taster Sessions or to our free summer sessions with TRAF! We have ukulele, guitar, drumming, percussion, music tech, singing and much more – all for FREE!

Further information

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