The impact of Covid-19 on charity communications

A report by CharityComms and Media Trust in April 2020, on the Impact of Covid-19 on Charity Communications, found that the top five comms challenges charities have are:

  • supporting users who normally have access to face-to-face services
  • producing digital content (for example, films, vlogs and infographics)
  • moving services online
  • digital fundraising
  • and communicating with and engaging stakeholders.

The report, based on a survey which had 219 responses from charities across the country, highlighted other communications challenges and areas of concern, including reaching vulnerable service users or older people who are not online.

While the most common communication channels listed by respondents were email (86.3%), website (81.7%), Facebook (84.5%), phone (64.4%), and email newsletters (62.1%), some respondents also said they were planning to use printed newsletters, post and leaflet drops.

Are you still printing things on paper? Take our own 5-minute survey

At the next Befriending Forum on 24 September, we’re focusing on ways of improving access to community support and activities for everyone in Reading. As part of this we’re asking – is there still value in printing booklets, guides and leaflets on paper? Is this an essential way of communicating with some people? Or has the pandemic changed the way you think about printed materials versus online information?

You can help us to build up a picture of the situation in Reading by taking 5 minutes to complete our own survey here:

We’ll discuss the results at the Befriending Forum.