The Fore – Next registration deadline is 24 July, 2024

Article date
22 May 2024
Primary interest
Voluntary sector
Introduction – overview of the funding

The Fore is the only open-access funder in the UK offering development funding and strategic support to early-stage charities and social enterprises.

Who is eligible to apply?

Applications are accepted from the following types of organisations who are registered in the UK, with an annual revenue of less than £500,000 in the previous completed financial year:

  • Registered charities (including those constituted as charitable trusts, charitable unincorporated associations, charitable incorporated organisations and charitable companies limited by guarantee).
  • Charitable Incorporated Organisations.
  • Community Interest Companies (CICs) limited by guarantee.
  • Community Benefit Societies.
  • Social enterprises that are charitable companies limited by guarantee
What are the funder priorities?

The funder is particularly keen to receive applications from grassroots organisations which operate in areas of high deprivation. They are looking to make grants that will strengthen organisations internally and help them take the next step forwards in their growth or sustainability.

How much can organisations apply for?

The Fore will make grants of up to £30,000 which may be spread over one to three years

What the funding can be used for

Unrestricted grants are being offered that can be used for any purpose, including core costs and capital funding.

Is there a deadline?

The next deadline for charities with a confirmed place on the funding round is Monday, 9 September, 2024

Find out more/how to apply

The first step to applying is to register your interest.  The next registration period is from 12pm Wednesday 24th July, to 12pm on Wednesday 31st July.

The eligibility quiz, guidance notes and frequently asked questions can all be found on The Fore website

For further support from RVA with preparing your application or your policies and procedures required for this funding, contact Herjeet Randhawa at