The Branding Project – open for applications until mid-August 2019

Primary interest
Voluntary sector
Are you a new charity looking to establish a brand identity but lack the resources to do so? Or are you a not-for-profit in need of a brand refresh or re-positioning and would welcome some input from students at The University of Reading?


Reading University will be holding a structured four-week ‘design-thinking brand jam’ with Part 3 Typography and design students in November 2019, working exclusively with not-for-profits and social enterprises. Students take on briefs and develop a visual identity and any other marketing collateral they feel is appropriate over four weeks – and it’s completely free. The students took on four causes last year, and produced some very good results. Two of the clients used the work after the project was over.

If you are interested in participating, we will need someone from your organisation, to act as a ‘client’ for us and attend:
  • A Briefing Day at 10am, Tuesday 8 October 2019, where you will need to talk about what you do for 30 minutes to a small group of students who have chosen to work on your project (usually around 5 students), and then be available for questions.
  • A Presentation Day Tuesday 3 December 2019, to listen to your students’ ideas and give instant feedback.
Further information
  • NB: these two dates are not flexible. If you cannot attend them we will not be able to take your project on.
  • If you are interested, please contact Sara Chapman: for more details.
  • Briefs need to be submitted for consideration by mid-August 2019.