The Blagrave Trust, Restart Youth funding – proposal deadline 7 May 2021

Article date
19 April 2021
Primary interest
Voluntary sector

Thanks to National Lottery players, The National Lottery Community Fund has awarded the Blagrave Trust funding to support youth organisations through the Covid-19 crisis to give decision making power to young people who are currently being overlooked by services. Funding for the programme, called Restart Youth, is awarded and managed by the Blagrave Trust

The strategy behind Restart Youth funding has been shaped by a group of 6 Young Advisers – young people from the region who bring their experience of services.  All grant making decisions will be made alongside them.

The Young Advisers welcome applications now from youth organisations in the South East of England (Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent, Oxfordshire, the Isle of Wight and Sussex) who want to achieve specific pieces of work to ensure young people are at the heart of decisions as they continue to respond to the protracted pandemic. They particularly want to fund work that will invest directly in young people whose needs are not currently being met, i.e. are new or on the margins of your service.

This funding is for a short term (6 month period). This can seem ambitious, but the Young Advisers believe that with the right intention and used strategically even small amounts of funding can create a lasting difference.

The Young Advisers want Restart Youth funding to enable you to start the journey on a youth led response to structural inequalities in the pandemic. They want to support you to plant the seeds so that young people will always have the power to shape the services they need and hold their organisations to account in the future.

It is anticipated that grants will be about £7,500, but they want to fund work which will have the most impact, so let them know how much the work you want to do will cost as they would like to offer you flexibility.

Who they want to support

The Young Advisers would like applicants to demonstrate how their project will reach and impact young people whose needs are not currently being met through applicants’ (or other) services: young people whose needs have been overlooked in mainstream media debate or public discussion, and whose lives have been most adversely impacted by Covid-19.

For example, they would be interested to hear about work which will focus on young people who use drugs, are hidden homeless’, are estranged from their families, from Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Communities, involved in sex work, are refugees or asylum seekers, are care leavers at transition or are new arrivals to this country. There are many more. Restart Youth aims to support youth organisations to give the young people that services are currently missing a platform, and the confidence and support they need to engage with it.

What they are looking for

Funding will be considered if your proposal:

  • Gives young people power and control in decisions you are making about services in response to Covid, as well as provide essential services to them
  • Is for a specific identified activity or activities that will complete in 6 months
  • Invests directly in young people who are being overlooked in mainstream service delivery, and are new or on the margins of your service

The following points are desirable but not essential: work that

  • Provides a stepping stone to further embed young people in design, decision making, learning and leadership within your organisation
  • Ensures young people are genuinely listened to inside and outside the organisation
  • Explains why additional resources are needed to enable this specific action within your organisation
  • Brings new insight and learning
Is there a deadline?
The proposal deadline is 7 May 2021.

Further information and link to application form

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