The Big Help Out

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RVA Volunteering Development Manager
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To mark His Majesty The King’s Coronation voluntary sector organisations across the country are being encouraged to provide opportunities for people to get involved in volunteering opportunities in their communities.

Starting on May 8th, the objective of The Big Help Out is to raise awareness of volunteering throughout the UK and provide opportunities for people to experience volunteering and make a difference in their communities.

There is a nationally hosted website where organisations can post opportunities. If you have activities planned locally we would love to know so we can help to spread the word, let us know what you will be doing by contacting

Reading Voluntary Action will be running a campaign from May 8th through to Volunteers Week 1-7 June, celebrating the amazing work that volunteers do in our town. If you would like to contribute a story for this campaign please contact our Volunteering Development Manager Steve Hendry

This promotional campaign will be supported by a series of events across the town, look out for updates on this in the coming weeks.