Supporting clients with increasing needs

Article date
2 May 2019
Primary interest
Voluntary sector

From recent referrals to our Social Prescribing service, we are seeing clients who have higher levels of mental health problems, dementia, alcohol problems or social care needs, and it is not always possible or appropriate to try and support them in the voluntary sector without some additional support from statutory agencies. I suspect that this is similar for others services provided by voluntary sector organisations.

I am planning a report for the next Health and Wellbeing Board on behalf of voluntary sector providers to highlight the increasing level of needs of some of the clients we are supporting, and also any issues that we have in accessing support from statutory agencies for clients who need more support than your services can offer.

Contribute to the report

The next Board meeting is on 12 July 2019 and the lead-in time for the Board’s agenda setting is 6 weeks. So I would like to start discussions now.  If you would like to be involved, please email by 10 May 2019.