RVA-inspired street party a great success

Following an RVA workshop led by David Neale on How to Run a Street Party, Rosehill Park residents and those living at Rosehill House and cottages joined together for a ‘street’ party on the lawn in front of Rosehill House on Sunday 7 July 2019. Between 70 and 100 people attended and shared lunch together, renewed old friendships and made many new ones. Saying hello to the neighbours will become a habit and plans are being made for further get togethers.

Lesley Boardley who coordinates Champions to End Loneliness (CTEL), based in North Reading, was originally inspired at the RVA event on loneliness in the town hall in 2018 and then CTEL decided that encouraging street parties would be their focus this year.

Lesley said: ‘My husband and I were greatly helped by David’s workshop on the practicalities. We posted a flyer through all our neighbours letterboxes and 17 people turned up for the first planning meeting.’

Permission to use the lawn of Rosehill House was obtained through their management committee and they also had some plates, cups etc left from a previous social and had enough money in their kitty to fund the cake and ice for the drinks cooler.  Everything else – including a PA system, gazebos, BBQs, chairs, tables games, and food to share – was provided by residents. We deliberately kept it low key and virtually no cost. The success of the event was reflected in comments which included:

Great idea we must do it again


I met up with people I hadn’t seen for ages and made some new friends


Why don’t we say hello every time see a neighbour?


So friendly!

Further information

RVA will be adding a Street Party Starter Kit to its recently-launched Ready Friends Toolkit.