Rgneeds.me Volunteering Matching Service Relaunch

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Volunteering Development Manager
Article date
4 June 2020
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As many of you will be aware, Reading Voluntary Action has been supporting the local coronavirus response in a number of ways, including by supporting the recruitment of volunteers to support new and adapted services.

We suspended our regular volunteer matching service at the end of March in order to focus on the response. I’m pleased to say that we are now relaunching our service on Friday 5 June with a small number of opportunities not directed related to the coronavirus response.

We have seen a huge upturn in interest in volunteering over the previous few months. We are very keen to ensure that this interest is sustained beyond the initial crisis and that Volunteer Involving Organisations can benefit from this new wave of energy and enthusiasm as they reestablish and adapt services to the period of recovery to come.

We know that not all organisations will be in a position to immediately restart activities and that others will have to find new ways of working. We will provide potential volunteers with general guidance to expect there to be alternations in roles and that opportunities may not start for some weeks or months. Even so, we will not republish an existing opportunity unless you request that we do so. Please contact steve.hendry@rva.org.uk if you would like to republish opportunities.

We also know that there will be new opportunities that organisations will want to involve volunteers in delivering. To post new opportunities please complete the form found HERE.

These have been difficult times for everyone and we know that, for many, the challenge is just beginning. However, one bright point has been the way that – both nationally and locally – people have embraced the opportunity to help others, through volunteering. I hope that we can build on this to create a lasting legacy of volunteering and social action throughout the wider community.