Reside Dance – Reading Summer Youth Activities

Reading’s Youth Summer Activities are on the horizon! In the days running up to our summer events we thought we would tell you more about the groups working with us – to give you an insight into their world and what you could get involved in. Today’s focus is on all things dance with Reside Dance.


Reside Dance C.I.C. are recent winners of the ‘Newcomer of the Year’ award, Reading Cultural Awards 2019 and are, currently, Reading’s only professional contemporary dance company. Born out of Reading 2016: Year of Culture, the company aim to bring individuals and communities together by developing connections to places and others through dance.

Over the past 2.5 years, the company have reached approximately 501,000 participants and audience members in Reading and beyond. 500,000 of those are as a result of their performance of Vote 100 Public Dance and Debate which was filmed live on BBC South Today.

With a special focus on promoting and celebrating cultural diversity, Reside Dance aims to become Reading’s first dance company to bring its’ residents side by side to celebrate their individual and collective cultures within site-specific places.

Drawing upon techniques and processes from dance theatre, social choreography and somatic practice, the company aim to strengthen the town’s dance offering by creating innovative, high quality and accessible performances, workshops and programmes that widen dance audiences through an exploration of social issues prevalent to Reading life.

This summer Reside Dance are holding free dance classes as part of their Moves Together Summer programme. This takes place at the Rising Sun Arts Centre and is for children and young people (aged 8-19 years old) of all dance abilities. They will hold weekly one hour dance classes for 12 weeks leading to two dance performances on Thursday 29th August 4-5pm, and Saturday 19th October 4-5pm. You can attend two weeks of free taster classes to decide if this is for you, before agreeing to the other 10 weeks of the programme.

The classes will explore the children and young people’s experiences of social media and seek to unravel and make sense of them through the real relationships that they are developing through dance. The Professional Dance Artists will create a positive, safe and supportive environment from which children and young people can identify common experiences on social media.

If that all sounds great to you (and we certainly think it does!) then please sign up to the Move Together Programme by emailing

Alternatively Reside Dance are hosting a summer programme with us, Reading Voluntary Action. Participants will explore and celebrate what it means to live in Reading, Whitley and Southcote, to create an end of summer school, urban and contemporary dance performance – all for FREE!

Further information

Visit our website to view and download our brochure, or see our Instagram or Facebook. Sign up today!

Photography: Alicia Clarke