Research reports on the impact of Coronavirus on BAME communities and women

Article date
18 June 2020
Primary interest
Voluntary sector

If your charity or community group is delivering or planning services to address the adverse and disproportionate impact of Coronavirus on specific communities, the following reports collated by Equally Ours may assist you in identifying and evidencing need, and could be useful for your funding applications and conversations with key stakeholders.

Womens’ Budget Group along with Fawcett Society, London School of Economics and Queen Mary University London conducted polling research to explore the impact coronavirus is having on Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people and in particular women.

In this report the Fawcett Society highlight multiple areas where government needs to analyse policy through a gendered lens in order to ensure that existing inequalities are not exacerbated during the recovery and rebuild phase of our emergence out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Government publications:

This additional report has now been published and includes the findings from stakeholder engagement with 4,000 members of the BAME community affected by the impact of Coronavirus and their requests for action.

Public Health England has also published a report focussing on the link between ethnicity and health inequality and analyses multiple indicators of health to examine this relationship.

Another great resource – ‘conversations about equality’

If you are having conversations around equality with stakeholders, the following article from Alice Jennings, Head of Digital and strategic communications shares her 10 top tips on talking to others about equality to bring support for the comprehensive solutions you know are needed. Read the blog here. 

Further support:

If your charity or community group is adapting or delivering services to meet the needs of those adversly affected by the impact of Coronavirus in Reading and would like assistance with funding, evidencing need or other governance needs to strengthen your group, do get in touch with Herjeet at