Our Volunteer Brokerage Service is back – do you have opportunities to fill?

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RVA Volunteering Development Manager
Article date
5 August 2020
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Our www.rgneeds.me volunteer brokerage site is now back up and running after being offline whilst we focused on the response to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. You are now able to post new opportunities or to ask us to republish opportunities that had been live on the site previously.

We know many organisations are still adjusting to new ways of working to make sure they keep their staff, volunteers and clients safe and you might not yet be ready to start welcoming volunteers back right now. However, we will now be accepting opportunities on a “Coming Soon” basis to give potential volunteers an idea of the kinds of opportunities that will be available in the coming months.

Volunteering has been at the forefront of the community response here in Reading and across the UK. We know that many have been inspired to step forward for the first time and we hope that we can work together to sustain this new interest into an ongoing commitment to volunteering.