One Reading Children and Young People’s Partnership – update on work streams

An update on work streams for the September 2020 issue of the One Reading Children and Young People’s Partnership newsletter
Graduated Responses

The Domestic Abuse strategy meeting was moved to fortnightly in anticipation of a surge in domestic abuse referrals and additional resources identified to respond.

Commissioning and Funding

In response to concerns arising from the lockdown and from the Forbury Gardens incident, a new online counselling service Kooth has been commissioned. This includes peer to peer support, chat function with trained councillor, immediate support with trained councillor, pre booked 1-1 support with trained councillor, psychological education as well as webinars for professionals. A fast tracked service was offered to the Holt School and 40 young people have already accessed support. This is now available for all children and young people to access. Read more about Kooth here.

Participation and Engagement

Research about the effect of lockdown and the pandemic on children and young people in Reading has been completed by the same team that carried out the Growing up in Reading report. The results will be circulated and shared with partners soon.

Workforce Development

One Reading Newsletters are now distributed monthly and a special section has been created on the One Reading/RVA site for practitioner development.

Adolescent Risk

A transition project was initiated over the summer to support vulnerable children. One project is supporting pupils transitioning from Year 6 to Year 7, and a summer programme was set up to provide activities and child care for a targeted cohort.