One Reading Children and Young People’s Partnership – guide to the Family Hub

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Who is the Family Hub for?

Any lead professional with concerns about a family or young person at threshold 2a of the Berkshire West safeguarding guidance.

What does the Family Hub do?

The Family Hub is a service which is intended to provide support to professionals working with families whose needs do not meet threshold for statutory services from Brighter Futures for Children. This includes Targeted Early Help services (such as a Family Worker or Youth Worker) or services from Children’s Social Care. The Family Hub is not a direct service for families. There are three types of support available through the Family Hub:

  • Hub Meeting: a consent-based multi-agency meeting to problem solve and explore the most appropriate pathways for Early Help support.
  • Advice and guidance, sign-posting or brokerage to relevant services. Dependent on need, appropriateness and consent, professionals can contact to discuss concerns.
  • Support with Team around the Child (TAC) arrangements. For families who may benefit from Team around the Family or Child planning and meetings – the Family Hub can provide additional guidance and resources to support professionals.
How do I access the Family Hub?

Professionals can access support from the family hub in three ways.

  • Contact the Family Hub directly. If you have identified additional needs at threshold 2a regarding a family, child or young person, please contact to explore possible support, including hub meetings.
  • Referral to Children’s Single Point of Access (CSPoA) which does not meet threshold for targeted Early Help. Referrals for services from Brighter Futures for Children which do not meet threshold may be progressed to the Family Hub for support.
  • Step down from Brighter Futures for Children Early Help services or from Children Social Care Access and Assessment Team. If families request support from Early Help services following closure from a Family Worker or Social Worker you may be contacted by the Partnership Coordinator (Practice) to help co-ordinate that support.  Those working with families can also request this support from the Partnership Coordinator.
What are the consent for information sharing arrangements?

The Family Hub takes a consent-based approach as we want to work with families and professionals, not do things ‘to’ them or ‘for’ them. In most cases, the lead professional working with the family is responsible for gaining their consent to share details with the Family Hub. If the family has been referred to the Children’s Single Point of Access (CSPoA) and is progressed to the Family Hub, then a professional at the CSPoA will seek the consent of the family.

What are the expectations?

To access support from the Family Hub, a lead professional must represent the family with their consent. If a Family Hub meeting is arranged, then a lead professional who knows the family well should attend the Family Hub meeting, with their consent. This is so that the multi-agency group can understand the strengths as well as needs of the family. If the professional is not able to attend, the multi-agency discussion will not go ahead.